On a daily basis, the MS monster makes me feel like a rich tea biscuit that’s just been dunked in a cup of tea – all weak and feeble… but I’d rather be a strong, tough and kickass hobnob!!

Fellow MSers, I’m no literary genius, but as a form of therapy & to stop me going stark raving bonkers, I’ve decided to dip my toes, ever so gently into literary waters & write a blog. So here goes… It’s not going to set the world on fire and will, more often than not be grammatically incorrect and a tad fruity but – I’m an MS survivor, inappropriate mother and am on a daily quest for reasons to laugh and smile. I’d like my end of term report card to read ” A good effort – B+”!

I’m doing it for me
I’m doing it for family and friends
And I’m doing it for everyone else out there who has the MS monster nipping at the heels.