Still Lost For Words!

To Continue…

Living the dream is not all its cracked up to be but on the whole life was good. We had a house by the coast with two pools, a property business and as it turns out, sunshine 365 days a year. This was fabulous but it masked a lot of my symptoms. When they slowly crept back into my everyday life, my Spanish Dr (Dr Sex as he was known – as every visit he asked if we were getting enough sex and red wine!) did a barrage of tests and it came back that I had Hypothyroidism ( under active thyroid) which explained all my ailments. Medication duly administered. Woop woop – we finally had answers.

How wrong we were! MFH and I can both recall strange things happening to me again, old symptoms flared up, falling over without reason ( no, I was not pissed!), pins and needles, strange pains and freaking everyone out by falling practically unconscious on any given car journey. We thought it was all part of the hypo do dah!

After 10 years, Spain went from boom to bust in the shake of a maraca and we went with it! All the kids were based in England so naturally we headed back to Blighty.  Due to the BUST our life had to be downsized but we were all in the same Country so that was a  mega bonus.

My 50th year – 2015, was one to remember – my amazing children clubbed together and the circle of 6 headed to Dominican Republic for my birthday treat. Lots of laughter, fun and copious amounts of Pina Coladas for the inappropriate Mother!

Back to reality – MFH was working away from home during the week but all was well, as I had my little bundle of westie cuteness and the old girl to keep me company. Weekends went by in a flash but we got used to it, at our swanky little cottage surrounded by apple orchards. We reverted back to childhood and went scrumping at dusk!

Out of the blue, I had what I thought was a mega flu bug, as all my usual symptoms went into overdrive and then BOOM – the left side of my head and face went completely numb, yet I had the worst pain known to man, or in my case, woman. Electric shock sensations charged over the area continuously, with what felt like a shard of glass being shoved, full force into my ear. The intensity of pain was physically and mentally incapacitating. The slightest touch or breath of wind would make it worse so I became bed/house bound for months, the cause – TRIGEMINAL NEURALGIA. Alarm bells rang for my GP, when my chest and left arm/hand went numb, thus rendering my hand useless and I was rushed in to see a neurologist and have an MRI.

I was expecting to discuss TN treatment but then came those life changing words, forever etched into my memory… oh holy fuck, here it comes…


My 50th year started out as one of my best but ending up being my/our worst.

WHY ME????


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