MS – it’s a funny old world!



Trying to maintain a sense of humour is a big part to surviving any illness. MS is no different. While coping with the disease is frustrating and overwhelming, you can find a dash humour in knowing that others are struggling and laughing along with you.

Laughter DOES NOT make my MS disappear, BUT laughter reminds me that I still find things funny, especially if it’s lavatorial humour. A good giggle doesn’t “fix” anything, but It gives us a little break from it.

Point in fact being – just chatting away to my eldest daughter on facetime, when I asked what the noise in the background was – it sounded like a racehorse taking a leak – turned out it was the HM in the loo and he hadn’t shit, sorry, shut the door. Yep, made me laugh, so that’s one chuckle point to me!

Another conversation that made me chuckle – well belly laugh actually, was when my youngest daughter called me in a bit of a flap to ask “how do you unblock a toilet”?  A perfectly normal question I hear you say… It turns out that her flat mate (won’t name names, but you know who you are!) had done a huge turd that was refusing to budge, squatters rights if you please! No matter how many times they flushed it was still there, taunting them from the bowl– I suggested donning a pair of Marigolds and to use a pair of chopsticks to manually eject the offending turd from its resting place, I believe that did the trick! I’m sorry I know its disgusting but I was literally in tears – toilet humour, works every time!

We live in leafy suburbia a place where nothing remotely exciting EVER happens and is mostly filled with the blue rinse brigade. You can image our surprise (and I have to admit,  delight) when an anonymous note was thrust through our letterbox in the dead of night, telling us that we had an S&M madam living across the side of our leafy crescent. The note gave chapter and verse about all the activities that were going on behind the seemingly bland curtains, the spankings, the whips and all kinds of weird stuff, it even gave the website of our salubrious neighbour. We thought she was touting for business but it ended with bringing notoriety to our street, so we should all complain to the authorities – very odd but hilarious none the less!

We have a church on on side of the green and S&M on the other, so I’ve invented a new game to while away the hours …  the green is surrounded most days with old farts attempting to park their cars ( I did mention that the blue rinsers rule the area) going to church events, yoga, painting and anything, it would seem that involves tupperware boxes of food!

Oh yes back to the story… I have the perfect vantage point to see the comings and goings  – are the men going left or right and who looks shifty and furtive when exiting their car – more often than not I’m wrong, they all seem to wear raincoats and carry little bags, so I can’t tell who’s got a yoga mat and who’s got a rubber suit in their bags, but it’s is hilarious when they skulk to the left, hoping no-one noticed – they do say laughter is the best medicine!

MS has robbed me of my sanity but not my sense of humour!

With a good round of chuckles, titters or a guffaw, we can give ourselves a few moments of remission from whatever symptoms are in our way.



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