Can’t Stop the Feeling … A good dose of music helps the medicine go down!


Even on my lowest days, music plays a big part in my daily MS journey, because you can feel so many emotions depending on the tone and the words you hear. Music is good for the soul, so I recommend using it to your advantage and take a daily dose of your favourite tune, Drs orders!

Music is a powerful weapon that can help lift your mood or how you deal with a stressful situation. Find music that makes you feel good, and use it as part of your wellness routine, whether it be laying in bed or slouching on the sofa. It really is true, there is music for everyone!

Every day I try to listen to some music and turn to some of my trusted favorite up lifting songs as another form of therapy – as an escape from living with MS, if only for a while.

I am obsessed with the Justin Timberlake song, “Can’t Stop the Feeling” from the movie “Troll” Its completely addictive, I defy anyone not to smile when you watch him perform at the Oscars Its such a feel good factor song and ILOVE IT! My family will be the first to admit that when I find a song that I like I play it over and over until the next one takes my fancy, it drives them mad!

Iv’e been known to sit sobbing in the bath at 4am when I’m just so overwhelmed with a barrage of symptoms but pop on a little Justin and a sob become a whimper, beats popping yet another pill!

I can’t wave a magic wand an make MS go away, but music really does help.

There have been lots of studies about how your body, mind and soul react to music and how it seems to calm our nervous system down and music therapy can help stimulate the brain and alleviate symptoms of depression, anxiety, and help with memory loss  – my memory can remember the words to my favourite song but not where I put my pills!

So, go on – join me and drift off to your happy place with a little music, be it Spa-music, something boppy, jazz or even rap… no one will judge your choice!


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