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My husband had insisted if we were to get a dog it had to be “A Proper Dog” not a handbag one! He didn’t want to be seen walking anything small and fluffy, he wanted a big butch one, but then Archie came into our lives and he’s the light of our lives and is fussed and generally love-bombed by all who meet him.

Archie is the doggy love of my life.

My MS is a little easier to bear thanks to a tiny ball of white Westie fluff called Archie, he’s my therapy dog, my reason to laugh and smile. He knows when I’m having a bad MS day and believe it or not having him snuggle up next to me eases the pain; who needs medication when you have a spoon full of Archie. Just looking at his cute little face makes me smile. A non-dog person would not understand all the fuss – I say poor them!

There is a saying “Your dog is the only thing that loves you more than it loves itself.”. It’s so true. No matter what you do or where you go, he’s always there wagging his tail and and ready to play

As an MS survivor, it’s important to get some exercise. Archie and the old girl are always ready to go walking. I don’t always have the energy but It’s nice to have an exercise buddy when I do!


Our lives revolve around Archie. If we go out, we have to be back after a couple of hours because of Archie, he’ll miss us too much! If we go away, he can’t possible go into kennels, he has to go to a doggy hotel. Archie is also my husbands constant shadow and he sticks to him like Velcro, you can’t tear them apart. He can’t even go to the loo without his faithful fiend! I think Archie must know the “Police” song “every breath you take, every move you make, every step you take, Ill be watching you” ha ha!

I often hear MFH whisper “are you ok – do you want a cuddle” and my heart melts and I reply that I would. I then feel deflated when he says “not you, I’m talking to Archie”

Archie loves watching TV, not just looking at the screen, actually watching what’s on and is mesmerised by David Attenborough, 101 Dalmatians and of course The Super Vet!

We tried setting rules: He will absolutely NOT be allowed on the furniture. He will NOT be allowed to sleep in the bedroom. He now rules the sofa and sleeps on our bed every night, in fact we often wake up with him between us, head on pillow.

It’s a dog’s life!!


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