Give us a clue – meh!


In the good old days, I used to be an absolute whizz at word games, after all I could talk for Britain – verbally incontinent, if you will! ( now i’m just incontinent – boo hoo!)

Fast forward to 2017 and MS has turned my brain to mush and I’m fully aware, it’s only going to get worse. At any given moment I can burst into complete jibberish when trying to cobble together a constructive sentence – no matter how hard I try, total bollocks is all that I can muster. My son always berates me for using 20 words when 5 will do, but now it’s a bloody marathon just to get out one whole sentence!

My mouth says ” can you get me – urm – hang on a minute, it’s coming, let me think about it  – a do-dah from the thingeamagig” but my brain is screaming something completely different, there you are… proof, it’s official – I am now a verbal halfwit!

I honestly can’t seem to remember even simple worlds, I find myself stopping mid sentence to trawl through 50 odd years of spoken words before blurting the word out with utter glee “hammer, yes HAMMER” – ffs, in my head it sounded like avocado – meh!

In a bid to stay one step ahead of my MS word fiend, I have resorted to describing the thing I’m trying to say ” it’s green, nobbly and we grew them in Spain”  I’ve even started to add in hand gestures to get me over the finish line of a sentence. Im so good at it now, I bet Lionel Blair & Una Stubbs would be fighting to get me onto their teams on Give us a clue (OMG,that shows my age!)… content – 5, fucking effort -11.5!

MS – You might have turned me in a to a jibbering monkey, but I get there in the end – tah dah!!

PS it also helps that MFH seems to be tuned into radio MS and can guess what Im trying to say!!

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It’s the little things in life!

Its-the-little-things-in-Life_The-Red-Fairy-Project-250x250Some days I give a cheeky little smile, blow a raspberry and think, YEAH I’ve turned a corner & I feel better today … then I’m like


that was a really great 45 seconds – MS is a cruel MF!

Well, MS bitch – I’ll take that 45 seconds and raise you, one whole afternoon. Yes, today my friends, the sun was a shining, the birds a tweeting, lawn mowers a munching and I was a buzzing… for today, I had a GOOD DAY (large round of applause, if you please!)

On any given day, visiting my elderly parents (well any time I venture out actually) is incredibly draining and I’m completely pooped after a short visit, but today MFH, my Westie fluff ball and I, sat with them in the garden and enjoyed a picnic and a Pimms in the sunshine. It was a truly lovely day.

One of the things having MS has taught me is to do what you love, when you can, if only for a fleeting moment. Grab life by the balls and do the things in life that we thought we couldn’t do anymore. One of my favourite smells is freshly cut grass and I always loved to take charge of the mowing but MS has rather put the kibosh on that little delight, enthusiasm 1 – energy level 0 😦

I’ve already mentioned that today was a good day (oh god, I’m turning into a good day bore, sorry!) and to prove it this is me mowing the lawn – look at that face, I’m enjoying myself (excuse the washing on the line, can’t miss a drying day)  – No crutches required – huge achievement, zest for life… Whoop Whoop! You applaud and I’ll take a bow…


Hang on, don’t get too excited I only managed two rows but hey, I’m feeling so bloody clever and content! It makes my heart sing.

That was yesterday and today Iv’e lost my GOOD DAY MOJO – I escaped the shackles of MS if only for a few hours then BOOM – it gives me a dirty great slap in the face and reminds me I’m chronically ill and need to yield to it’s mighty power and boy do I wilt like a soggy salad – BUT never fear, I’ll hunt down that “MS good fairy” and persuade her I’m worthy of many more good days like this.